Determine Your Size

Measure First:
Figure out how much clearance you need to install a Gleco Trap
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All five bottle sizes fit on The Gleco Trap body and are interchangeable.

The Gleco Trap Package is available in three sizes – the GT64, which includes two 64 ounce bottles, the GT43, which includes two 43 ounce bottles, and the GT19, which includes two 19 ounce bottles and a 32 ounce bottle (for draining). When the bottle on the Gleco Trap is full, you have two options. Most people dispose of the sediment and reuse the bottle. Other people may choose to dispose of the sediment and the bottle and purchase replacement bottles. * The choice depends on your particular situation. If you are unsure if you will need extra bottles, don’t hesitate to call us to describe your unique situation and we can help you figure out the best solution.

* If you work with plaster or other substances that harden even in water, it is necessary to dispose of the bottle

If a Gleco Trap won’t fit under your sink as it is, you can try shortening the sink tailpiece (pipe exiting the sink drain), installing a Gleco Trap, then adding the appropriately necessary bends to get the wall waste arm (top exit pipe of The Gleco Trap) to connect to the existing waste line. The Solution #1 “After” picture is a good example of a non-standard waste line installation. Please verify that the Gleco Trap hangs plumb upon installation or it will leak.